Rise and Science

Episode 03: Cell Adhesion, Fighting Liver Failure with Viruses, and the Science of Music!

In episode 3, Michael and Ty interview Omar Bhanda, a graduate student who works in Dr. Reiss’s Lab. Omar studied cellular adhesion and how scientists can study the properties of adult stem-cells to control what type of cell they turn into! This can have a large effect in the medical field, and Omar is working to understand how a cell’s adhesion to its environment plays a role in this type of cellular control.

In science news, Michael explores the underlying causes of liver failure, and how scientists are using viruses to speed up the healing of a human liver to offer a cheaper, safer, and more effective alternative to liver transplants.

In science in real life, Ty explores what makes music so addicting, what it is made of, and how to optimize our productivity by listening to music.